Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew's birthday was yesterday, he turned 29 years old. We had a pretty low-key day just spending time together as a family. Keagan, Deker and I decided to get Andrew some pliers (something he said he needed). When we went shopping I was trying to decide between the Lord of the Ring books or the pliers and I asked Keagan if we should get Daddy books or pliers and he said pliers. So that is what we did. Keagan was so excited. By some miracle, Keagan didn't tell Andrew. But on Sunday after church, we were almost done eating lunch and I told Keagan we could go get Daddy his present and Keagan said "Daddy pliers present" a couple of times. All I could do is look at Andrew and say I guess you now know what your present is.

So, Happy Birthday Andrew. Thank you for being such a great Husband and Father. You are a good example to our boys! I Love You!


Vera said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

cappyt said...

Brenda - your the "older woman" - I never knew. Ha
I am very impressed Keagan kept the gift a secret as long as he did!

Sara_and_Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Thanks for letting us come over and visit.