Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun we have been having.

Here is a post about a couple of things we have been doing....

Last week (Oct. 15) I decided that I wanted to make some Playdough with Keagan. This is the first time that I have made playdough since I was a kid. Keagan thought it was fun to make and even more fun to play with. Afterwards, we had fun playing with it and making different things. We made a snake (not pictured), a snowman, spider, nest with eggs, a train & Keagan in bed. The Keagan is bed is kind of funny. It started with me attempting to make a train (Andrew came in at the end and made the train that is in the picture). I started by making a rectangle. Keagan looked at it and called it a bed, so I proceeded to make it into a bed, then I decided to make a quilt. After that, Keagan decided that he needed to be in the bed and need a pillow, so that is how it became Keagan in bed.

This next thing came from my sister-in-law Matti. She is very clever and is doing the 30 days of Halloween and has been posting the activities they have been doing each day on her blog. A few days ago, she did a paper apple (you can also do pumpkin). Well this morning we had nothing going on so I decided to do something fun with Keagan while Deker was napping and this is the project that I decided to do. All you need is a paper plate, colored paper and glue. You start out by tearing up the paper (I had orange paper, so Keagan and I did pumpkins), then drizzle glue on the plate and put the torn paper onto the plate, then glue or staple the stem on. Keagan had fun tearing the paper and squeezing the glue, but wasn't so sure about getting the glue on his fingers because it was sticky. As we were doing this, he found the orange ribbon and insisted on using it which explains the orange ribbon on his plate. Finally, yesterday I was doing laundry all day. At one point, I was folding some laundry and Deker was sitting/laying on the couch by me. Keagan (always the helper) came over and started "helping" me. Then he went over and was talking to Deker. Then he climbed up on the couch and sat by Deker and said "picture momma, picture". So I got the camera took some pictures of my two boys.

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