Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Pancakes

With the influence of my sister-in-law Matti and Tip Junkie, I have really gotten into the whole Halloween fun this year. We have a lot of fun activities planned for today.

First up on our plan for the day was making fun pancake shapes. I saw this idea off of the website Tip Junkie a few weeks ago and so this morning, Andrew and I decided to make our yummy pumpkin pancakes into pumpkin shapes (Andrew started getting creative and doing some other things as well). We had fun making them and just as much fun eating them. Here are the results.

Here is our plate of pancakes.
Because Keagan really loves Thomas the Train, Andrew made him a train pancakes which he devoured when we sat down to eat. I tried to get creative and make Keagan complete with curly hair.
Then, here is Andrew's mummy, Witch and one of our pumpkins.

This was all accomplished by buying two squirt bottles (kind of like the condiment bottles you see in restaurants). We took some of our pancake batter and dyed it green, some batter we made brown and left the rest its original color. We filled the squirt bottled with the green and brown. Then we used the squirt bottled to make the outlines/shapes and then filled with the plain colored batter.


cappyt said...

That's the best idea. I love it. Thanks for sharing it.

Leis Family said...

Looks like you guys had some fun this week. Cute pumkins such a good idea.

Dallin, Katie, Chase, Mackenzie, and Logan said...

I love your pancake idea. Can I still it for breakfast on Halloween for my kids. They will love it.