Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deker's Blessing Weekend - Sunday

On Sunday morning, Andrew blessed Deker at church. We decided that since we have so many worthy preisthood holders in the family, that we would only have our immediate family in the blessing circle (with just that, there were 10 people). It brought me so much joy and happiness to see my husband use his preisthood in such a wonderful way. I was so pleased to look up at the circle and see my husband, my dad & grandpa, Andrew's dad & our brothers & brothers-in-law all around Deker to love and support him and us.

Afterwards, we had our family & friends over for a luncheon (If I counted right, we had around 55 people here). We enjoyed having everyone in our home eating and talking. I would like to give a really big THANK YOU to my mom & dad and my siblings Vera, Marie, Alma, Cory, Jeanette & Neal and their spouses and Andrew's brother David & his wife Leah for all that they did to help in setting everything up and then cleaning up afterwards.

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RaNell said...

What a fun weekend. Glad everything went good. Sorry we missed the blessing I bet it was wonderful. I love Deker's blessing outfit. Soooooo cute!