Monday, September 22, 2008

Car problems

I am so glad that my husband can work on cars. It saves so much money! This weekend, our van temporarily broke down. We were getting in the van Friday night to go do something. When I reached over to start it, it almost started and then died and wouldn't start again. At first Andrew thought it was a fuse relay (I am just repeating Andrew here, not exactly sure what that is). So, we bought one, Andrew put it in and it still didn't work. Then he called a mechanic that used to be in our ward and told him what happened and the guy told him it sounds like the alternator is out. So, Andrew gets a new alternator and puts in it, jump starts the Van and lets it run for a while and then after about 20 minutes or so, it dies again. At this point he isn't sure if the battery is just really old or if there is something else wrong with it as well. So, he takes the battery from the van and puts it in his car and the same thing happens. But by this time, it is too late to go get a new battery. So, right now, Andrew is out buying a battery. Cross your fingers that is all that we need to do.

Of course since Andrew is in the garage, Keagan had to be in the garage as well. The first time I went out to see how they were doing, I noticed that when Andrew would put a tool down, Keagan would try to take it. So I told Andrew to go get his tool box. He runs upstairs, gets his toolbox and then here is a picture of what I see next.

I have to preface the next part of this post by saying that I am not very experienced at driving a stick shift vehicle. Andrew taught me how when I was pregnant with Keagan and the Saturn we were driving needed to be in the shop for a few days and I needed to drive Andrew's car so I could get to work and back. Since then, I have only driven Andrew's car a couple of times and I am not very good at it.

Since our Van has been out of commission this weekend, we have been driving around in Andrew's little 2 door ford aspire. Well, this morning, Andrew had to go finish up a painting job and I really wanted to take Keagan to the library to a Music and Movement time they do for kids. Before Andrew left for work, he pulled the car out of the garage to make it a little easier for me. So, I load the three of us up in the car and hope that I can make it to the Library (only 2 miles away) without to much mishaps. I turn the car on and proceed to attempt to get the car moving. I was able to get it moving, but it was pretty jerky when I hear from my peanut gallery in the back (Keagan) say something like "whoa, broken". I just had to laugh that even he my 2 year-old knew this wasn't how it was supposed to go. As you can imagine, when I told Andrew about this, that he had quite the laugh too.


Vera said...

What a big helper!

Erin said...

I couldn't drive a stick if my life depended on it! Kudos to Andrew for being Mr. Fix-it, and to little mr. fix-it!