Monday, September 22, 2008

Silly Kids

Keagan has been such a good big brother to Deker. I am so proud of how well he has handled having a baby brother. Keagan loves to hold Deker, talk to Deker and always wants to know where Deker is at and weather he is sleeping or awake. Not a day doesn't pass when I don't hear Keagan say "Hi Deker" or "good morning Deker" several times. One morning a couple of weeks ago when Keagan got up, he came to the top of the stairs (he always has to find out where everybody is at before he comes down the stairs) and asked for Daddy, I told him daddy was at work. Then he saw that Deker was sitting with me on the couch. He starts to come down the stair and the whole way down the stairs he says "I coming Deker. Deker I coming". I just thought it was so fun.

Then another morning last week, they were both up when I started to make breakfast. I put Deker in the swing and then went into the kitchen. After a moment I hear Keagan say "Numbers, Deker. Deker, Numbers" over and over. I look in the living room and Keagan is standing in front of the swing holding a numbers book in front of him showing and telling him what the book was. I wish I could have gotten the camera out fast enough to take a little DVD of it.

This morning, after we were all dressed, Keagan wanted to hold Deker. Once he got on the couch, he decided that he wanted Deker to sit beside him. I decided to get the camera a take some pictures of my cute boys.

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Dallin, Katie, Chase, Mackenzie, and Logan said...

Your boys are so adorable. You are such a great mom to them. I am glad you got your vehicle running. I also cannot drive stick.