Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shoes & Misc Pictures

Keagan, like all kids, has some funny quirks. One of them is about where he puts his shoes when he takes them off. Whenever we tell Keagan to take off his shoes and put them by the door. He takes them off and places them right next to each other and right in front of the door. He does it all very precisly. He has been doing this for quite a while and it just occured to me that it would be good to take a picture/video of him doing it and how precise everything has to be.

The past week or so, when Keagan gets up, he comes to the top of the stairs and asks me if Daddy is home, once I answer that question, he asks me about Deker. After he knows where Daddy and Deker are, he will then come down the stairs. Then when Deker is up, he wants to go get him up. He will go into his room, climb up on the crib rail to see into the crib, tell Deker "good morning" and will pull the blanket back and hold out his arm to try to pick him up. I think it is all cute.

This morning, when Deker got up, Keagan wanted to hold him so he sat on the couch and was holding Deker and he bends over and says Good Morning Deker a few times. Here is a picture that I took this morning of them. He also likes to try to give Deker his paci, whether he needs it or not, which just makes Deker mad.

One morning, I was getting Deker dressed and Keagan came in with his blanket and bear (which he likes to play with A LOT). When I turned around, Keagan was sitting in the rocker with his blanket and bear. It was so cute.

Then, here is me, Keagan and Deker all rocking together.

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Erin said...

I love that Keegan is such a good big brother. And how funny about his shoes! It makes me think of when he was playing the piano and had to turn the page of music. What a cutie.