Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deker's Blessing Weekend - Saturday

On Saturday morning we took my sister Vera, my sister Marie, her husband and kids to downtown Boise. First, we rode the paddle boats. After the paddle boats, we walked through the MK Nature Center (this is where you can see the stages of fish) and then went to the park by there and had lunch and let the kids play on the playground.

That afternoon, the rest of my family got into town and we had a BBQ with my family. After the BBQ, we took the opportunity of having all of my family in town and got a profession family picture taken. It is always a chore to get that many people (25 people) all together and ready for a picture, but somehow we managed it. We also had cake for Vera's birthday (even though it wasn't for another week). My sister-in-law, Melissa found Vera's favorite cake (one that my grandma used to make) and made it for her.

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