Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"fwimming" is what it sounds like when Keagan says swimming.

When summer started this year, I realized that Keagan had only been swimming maybe 2 times in the 2 years of his life. I felt bad about it, but with a new baby, there wasn't much I could do. A few weeks ago, we bought a little plastic kids swimming pool. Keagan had a great time playing in it. (Andrew had fun too!)
Then later on that week, some friends invited us to go to a pool called Ivywild. They have a kids pool that is a gradual entry (kind of like a beach) and it is only a few fee deep. It has a few kids slides and some waterfall type things. Keagan had a love/hate relationship with it. He loved it at first, but then slipped, went under the water and couldn't get his legs under himself. So then he was scared of it. Then another mother in our group took him back out in the water (I was nursing Deker) and he got used to it again and was going placed, I didn't think he would go. But then after a while (about 5 minutes before we decided to go) he slipped and went under again which made him scared of it again and wouldn't go back in.

Then a few days later we took him to a swimming place along the Boise River. He was really scared of it for the first 15-minutes and Deker wasn't being too happy sitting in his car seat and I was ready to give up and go home, but Andrew said to wait and we got Keagan to like it by playing some games that all of a sudden cam einto my head (thank goodness for inspiration)

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the other swimming events.

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RaNell said...

Wow 5 posts in one day and the furniture moved around. You have been productive. That was some fun water times. Thanks for going with us.