Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Putting Keagan to Work

Keagan has really started to want to help us with everything that we do. This past week, we have done a few projects and Keagan has been kind enough to help us with them.
The first one was painting the picnic table we got from Andrew's parents before they moved. Andrew and Keagan went out back and painted the table. While they were painting, I went outside and Keagan had a paint brush in his hand and was "helping" Andrew paint. It's a good thing I put him in old clothes, because he got paint on them.

Then, this morning, we decided to reaarange the living room. While we were doing this, Keagan went over to an end table and starting moving it for us. I was surprised that he was able to move it, but he did. Andrew got the camera out and took a video of him.

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