Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Zoo

After going to the Zoo in April when Deker got really sick, I knew I really wanted to take him back to the Zoo when  he could really enjoy it.  We finally were able to go in June, after the boys got out of school.  We had a great time there as a family. 

The giraffe slide
Andrew always makes the silliest faces!
I love my kids.
In the birds nest.
During the summer months our zoo has a butterfly exhibit.  Last year when we went, Keagan was really sad that he couldn't get any butterflies to land on him.  This year he had quite a few land on him and he loved it.  Deker and Bauer on the other hand hated it. 
Andrew and Zora had A LOT of butterflies on them.
She wasn't so sure about them when they landed on her head though.

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