Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Last day of School & Cubscout Day Camp

 The last day of school was June 11 which was also the day of Keagan's first Cub Scout day camp.  We decided to have Keagan miss the last day of school and go to day camp.  So we went and picked him up from school on Tuesday instead.  Here is Keagan with his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Berry.  
Keagan on his way to Day Camp.  He LOVED every moment of it. 
Deker with his Kindergarten Certificate.
Deker with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hammel.  Deker LOVED school and is now so excited for 1st grade.  I thought we had talked about him being on Summer break, but I guess we never told him how long because the next day when we were talking and I told him he doesn't have school for 2 months he was shocked.  Then when Andrew got home he said "Dad, did you know I don't have school for TWO MONTHS!!!".

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