Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Flag Football

The same people that do the soccer league also do a Flag Football league.  Keagan had done it a few times and this Spring I decided to have Deker & Keagan do the Flag Football.  It was fun to watch them both play.  The first two weeks Andrew was working so it was fun to drag Zora and Bauer between to two games, but we all enjoyed it as well.  Deker actually told me he likes it better than Soccer. 

Here are some picture of Deker.  The first three pictures he is the one with the red shirt under the black jersey.
This picture Deker is the one with the ball.
Getting his trophy and team picture.
 Here are pictures of Keagan. The first two picture Keagan has the yellow shirt under a white jersey.
 I love this picture that Andrew got with the ball just leaving Keagan's hands.
Keagan with his trophy.

 Deker and Keagan on their last day of Flag Football with their Trophy's.

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