Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Diary Days

The middle of June every year the city of Meridian has what is called Diary Days.  There is always a parade on Friday night.  This year I took the kids down to the parade, Andrew was working of course.  We had a good time.  I tried to get a picture of the four of them sitting and watching the parade but whenever I would scoot back a little to get a picture, Zora would start crawling away.  But I promise that Deker was there as well.
In looking up information about Dairy Days, I noticed that there was going to be a free kids bike race at the Meridian Speedway on Saturday.  So when Andrew got home from work we loaded up the kids bikes and went over there.  The boys thought it was so cool to ride their bikes where the cars race. 
After we got the kids registered we had time before it started so they kids did a practice lap which turned into 3 laps or more. 

The first thing they had was decorations to decorate bikes.  Here is Zora overseeing the whole process.
Andrew helping Bauer.
Then they had the kids line up in age groups, then they took all the kids to the track for a "parade lap".

Here is Deker and Bauer in the 6 & under group ready for the parade lap.
Keagan (in the blue shirt) in the 7 - 9 group ready for the parade lap. 
The boys had so much fun and it was fun for Andrew and I to watch and cheer them on. 
Zora thought playing with Bauer's helmet after he raced was just about the funnest thing ever. 
After the bike race, we decided to stop and get some lunch at a place we have never been to.  It is called Zimms Burger Stache.  The food was great but the Highlight was this giant mustache they have there.  They even have a stool/ladder for kids tall enough to be behind it. 


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