Friday, November 1, 2013


Because Andrew was home on Halloween Day, we made pumpkin pancakes with black Cinnamon Syrup and we had fun drawing faces on our pancakes.
This year we decided to do a football theme with our family.  First up,we have our football.  Zora was a cute girly football complete with football flower and ruffles on her bottom. 
The boys were very excited about being football players.  Here is Keagan with his football stance.
While we were outside taking pictures, Bauer pinched his finger on a toy.  It was his turn to get his picture taken and nothing that Andrew and I did or said made him calm down.  Deker comes over and said "Mom one time I gave him a hug when he was upset and he calmed down.  Let me try that."  He then went and gave Bauer a hug.  Bauer immediately stopped crying and came over so we could take him picture.  I am so happy that I was the camera out and ready and I was able to take this picture.  It is such a tender moment that I am so happy I was able to witness and capture. 
All the kids. 
Andrew and I decided to be referees which is fitting in so many ways. 

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