Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vera's Visit

Last weekend, my sister Vera came for a visit.  We always love having her visit and we enjoyed our time with her.

On Saturday, we decided to go down to a new outdoor area with shopping, eating a water fountain, playset and an ice skating rink that just barely opened. While walking around, Vera saw a bowling alley and we decided to go bowling.  It was the boys first time and they all loved it.  Deker has asked several times since when we can go "bowling for real" again.

The at the fountain. 
Getting ready to bowl.
All of our shoes with Zora's car seat.
Bauer's bowl usually took a slow trip down the lane.  One time he decided to lay down to watch it.  All three of us adults quickly reached for our cameras to get pictures of him before he stood up. 
Zora had fallen asleep in her car seat while we were walking around and stayed asleep the entire time we were bowling.  I guess the nice loud noise of a bowling alley is soothing to her.
One of Vera and Zora many moments spent snuggling.

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Dangela said...

Looks like tons of fun. Where is the awesome new place? I haven't heard about it.