Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

 We had fun carving pumpkins.  For Deker and Bauer, we carved the main pumpkin face for them (per their instructions of what it should look like).  After that, they have fun adding more holes and stuff to their pumpkin while Andrew and I carve our pumpkins.  This is the first year that Keagan pretty much did his own.  He drew his face on, then carved it out.  Andrew cut off the top and helped him carve the nose because he wanted a star, but he did the rest all by himself. 

The boys hard at work.  
 Zora chilling in her swing. 
The finished products.  From left you have Bauer's, Deker's, Keagan's, mine and then Andrews.  I saw an idea on pinterest to carve pumpkins with a drill so that is what I did.  I had fun using Andrew's drill.
After Bauer was done, he was playing in the living room.  When I looked over, this is what i saw:

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