Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Visit to Oregon

A few weeks ago, we were able to go visit our good friends, The Kolilis's in Oregon.  They live on a ranch by her parents.  We always have a great time when we see this and this trip was no different.

One morning, Andrew and Dan went out to chop some wood.  The little boys soon followed outside.  They loved watching and helping.  
In the afternoon I stayed back with Zora to let her get a good nap while everyone else went up the mountain to play in the snow.

Bauer by some machinery.  The boys told me what it was, but I already forgot.
 Keagan sledding.
Deker making snow angels.
The boys watching Andrew's brother do a little plowing.  He had is nephew with him and promised the boys a ride the next morning.
Deker in the tractor.
Bauer "helping" Lucas across the plowed field.

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Dangela said...

I LOVE this picture of Baur and Lucas. You have to send it to me. We had a ball and can't wait for you to come again!