Monday, October 28, 2013

Random Happenings

Here are some of the random pictures from the last month or two.

First off, all of the boys completely adore their sister.  Keagan loves talking to her and getting her to smile.  Deker loves to kiss, hug and hold her and Bauer does whatever the other two are doing.  Here is a fun picture I took of Keagan and Bauer talking to Zora in September. 
 Deker did another round of Kickn Kids Soccer this fall (I will hopefully post about that soon).  I have been very grateful and Andrew got back in time for almost all of the games.  One Saturday, it was a little windy and I was in the van feeding Zora.  This is one of the pictures I found on it when I looked through them later. 
Andrew's birthday was a few weeks ago.  This was his cake.  It is a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache type drizzle and chopped reeses peanut butter cups between the layers and on top.  It was delicious! I am excited for an occasion to make it again. 
I made another dress for Zora and when she wore it on Sunday I was taking a picture of her in it and the boys wanted to get in on the action.  So, here are my cute kids. 

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