Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip Home

In looking through my pictures of the past couple of months, I realized that I really need to get better at taking pictures. 

In February, my little brother got home from serving a 2 year LDS mission in Campinas Brazil.  The following weekend all of us brothers and sisters and our families decended on the small town of Caliente, Nevada.  Andrew and I took our kids to J&J's for lunch (a must do when visiting Caliente since it is one of the few restaurants there) of piccadilly chips.  Outside the gas station/restuarant is this green Sinclair dinosaur which the boys insist on sitting on each time. 
On Saturday, those crazy bike riders of the family went on a 35 mile bike.  The kids were outside playing and we ran to greet them when they got back. 
On the way home, Andrew was kind enough to hit a bird and it decided to stay on the antenna which is on my side of the van.  We didn't want to stop right away because Bauer was asleep and we didn't want to wake him up so it stayed there for a while. 
While we were all together, we got some nice family pictures taken.  Here is a picture of my parents their kids and grandkids.  We are quite the group, 30 of us in total.
We has such a fun time visiting family and were sad to have to leave at the end of the trip. 

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