Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Neal's Visit

About a month after my little brother got home from serving his LDS mission, he came up for a visit and also to tour a college he was looking at.  Keagan and Deker were so excited to have him come visit.  We had such a great time with him here for a week. 

A scene like this was seen often.
One day while he was here, we took him up to Table Rock which is a mountain that you can drive up and see the whole valley.  This was the first time that we have taken our boys up there and they had a lot of fun.
We had some rainy days, so one morning, we decided to make slime/gak.  We made a blue one and a yellow one.  I would have made one more for Bauer, but I ran out of glue. 
We also went to the Aquarium.  There were two guys working on an exhibit and Deker was more interested in watching them than looking at the fish.
Bauer was quite taken with Neal right away.  The second day Neal was there, I was trying to put Bauer's shoes and jacket on him and he would not let me help him, he insisted that Uncle Neal help him.

We had so much fun with Neal visiting us.  We are so excited that he is going to move in with us a for a few months while he goes to school.

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