Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just over a week ago, we went up to visit our good friends, Dan & Angela, in Oregon so that Andrew could help Dan paint the inside of the house they are remodeling.  Angela's parents own and live on a ranch and they have a couple of tractors.  Of course, my boys were very excited and had fun playing for the day and a half that we were there. 
Bauer's turn.
Angel's Dad gook Keagan on a tractor ride on Sunday afternoon.  Deker, for some reason, got a little scared and wouldn't go.
On Monday, Angela's brother, Drew was there working on some fences, taking out poles, drilling holes and putting in more posts.  Keagan spent pretty much the whole day up with him riding in the truck, tractor and watching him.  Deker spent quite a bit of time with Drew as well. 
Deker riding on the tractor with Drew.

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