Monday, December 6, 2010


So, back on Nov. 20, we had our first snow fall.  My boys were so excited.  Deker kept running to the window and say "nos" (for some reason on the words that start with "s", he always says the s at the end).  I took pictures of the snow falling so that I could put it on this blog, but I never got around to it, now it just seems silly. 

The next big snowfall was the week of thanksgiving.  Tuesday morning, there was a fair amount of snow, so I put Bauer down for his morning nap and then Keagan, Deker and I went outside to shovel our driveway.  But since it was just me I forgot to take any pictures of that as well.

Now, last week was the most exciting snowfall yet.  On Tuesday morning it started snowing, after a while, Keagan asked if we could go shovel the snow but I told him we needed to wait until it stopped.  He asked that a few times that day, but it snowed all day and all night and some the next morning.  By the time it stopped there was about 8 inches of snow.  We waited until Daddy got home that afternoon, then we headed out to play in the snow. 

When Keagan came out, the neighbors showed us their really cool snow fort and so Keagan convinced Andrew to make one as well.  He are a the boys building the snow fort. 
Bauer woke up after a while and so I wrapped him in a couple of blankets and took him out.  While we were out there, our neighbors said they had a snowsuit from when their first boy was a baby and they are letting us borrow it for Bauer.  Doesn't he look cute in it?  Thanks Jen!

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