Saturday, December 11, 2010


Since Andrew drives truck, he has a crazy schedule.  When he leaves (which is two times a week).  He is gone for two days straight, home for a day or two and then gone again.  For some reason, three times in the past month, my kids have gotten sick on the day that Andrew leaves, then by the time that he gets home, everyone is all better and he doesn't get to deal with any of it. 

On two separate occasions (within two weeks of each other), Keagan began throwing up in the evening (the first day that Andrew is gone), some through the night and then is better the next day.  Then last week, Deker began throwing up Friday evening and it continued into Saturday.  I put him down for his nap in the afternoon and he woke up around the same time Andrew got home and was just fine. 

Now here is the latest...

On Thursday I noticed that Deker's cheeks were looking a little red, I put on some lotion and didn't think anything of it.  Last night, I noticed that his hands had a little rash looking thin on them, I thought it was dry skin, put on some lotion and didn't think anything of it.  But then this morning, he woke up looking like this.
He still hand the rash on both hands and it is also on he back of his neck.  His ears are bright red and he has big red patches all over his face, cheeks and chin.  I started to get worried and so I called Andrew (who is at work of course), tried to explain and he suggested I call the doctor.  Thank goodness our doctors office is open on Saturday.  I made an appointment, loaded up all three boys in the van and got him to the doctor

Diagnosis: Fifths Disease

What do you do? Because it is viral, nothing you just wait for it to go away.  Thank goodness, is doesn't seem to bothering Deker at all, I just hope that it goes away quickly, because I looks horrible.  But it is contagious so we need to hope and pray that none of the rest of us get it. 

Why does this all happen when Andrew is gone?  I do not think it is fair.

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Karla said...

Don't let any pregnant women around it apparently can be very harmful

Does he feel fine?