Saturday, June 12, 2010

Story time with Daddy

Some friends of mine started a blog last year called How Does She? (It is a great blog, you should check it out). Back in April they had a post about phone story dates with grandma (Check out their post Here.)

Since Andrew is gone two different nights during the week for work, I decided to take the post and make it my own. I created a picture and ordered two canvass bags from Vista Print and bought two of the same book (I bought The Great Big Book of Bedtime Stories and Rhyme and we are loving it). I couldn't wait to give them to Andrew and our boys. When everything arrived at the beginning of May, I sat them all down and gave them their bags. They were all very surprised and loved the idea.

Now every night that Andrew is gone, I will get the boys ready for bed a little earlier, then when Andrew calls, we get the bag with the books out, sit on Keagans bed, put the phone on speaker and Andrew will read a story or two. After the story, we will pray together as a family and then the boys will give Andrew kisses over the phone. Then it is bedtime. They all love it and it gives them time to "be" with Andrew each day. Here is a picture of the bag I created and the boys reading the first time we did it.


Vera said...

I LOVE that idea. Very smart!!!

Caprene said...

Such a great idea B! I think I may pass it along to some of our other friends who's husbands travel for work as well.

Dangela said...

Such a cute idea! It reminds me of the commercial on TV with the little boy and father each eating Oreo's and dunking them in milk. The father says, "Good night, Son." And the little boy replies, "Good morning, Dad!", and you see an Asian city scape out the father's window. It is sooo cute.

Tory and Elizabeth said...

Okay, stop being over achieving amazing super mom. You are making the rest of us look really bad. I mean it, my kids are trying to figure out a way to move in with you. But honestly, I can't wait to see the bags I might just have to copy your idea.