Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

There has been a lot of things that I have wanted to put on the blog, but I haven't been able to find the time to do it. So once again, I am doing several posts. This one being the last. You can scroll down and see the other three posts that I did today if you would like.

We had the great privilege of having Pink Eye go through our house. It started at the end of May with Keagan. One Sunday morning Keagan was saying that his eye hurt, he had just had a bath and so I figured he got soap in it. Monday morning, I didn't notice anything unusual, but when we picked him up from preschool, his eyes were really goopy. That afternoon he was at some friends house and she told us that she thinks he has pink eye. So, I made called and got a Doctor's appointment for the next morning, Tuesday. He took one look at him and said yep it looks like pink eye. He also looked in his ears and found out he also had an ear infection. So they put him on amoxacillian and the next morning his eyes looked so much better.

Everything seemed fine until Friday afternoon I went upstairs to get Keagan and Deker up from their naps and Deker starts crying, I turn on the light and realize he couldn't open his eyes because they were gooped shut. I get his eyes washed off and since it is Friday at 4:15 and the start of a 3-day weekend, I immediately call the doctor who calls in a prescription for eye drops and the next day his eyes look ALOT better.

Everything is fine and I am thinking we are done when Thursday (almost a week later) Bauer starts getting goopy eyes. I thought I was being really careful with washing my hands and stuff and since it had been almost a week since Deker was on prescriptions, I didn't want to admit that he was getting pink eye. So I procrastinated calling the Doctor. Through the next few days, sometimes his eyes would be gooped shut and at other times they seemed fine. Finally, on Monday I surrender, call our doctor's office who once again sends in a prescription.

Now almost 3 weeks later, 3 kids with pink eye and 3 different prescriptions (they can't make it easy on me with the same medicine for each kid) hopefully we are done.

Now on to happier things with a few fun pictures.

Here is Bauer's favorite sleeping position (hands up by face).

Yes, it takes three people to carry a 9 pound baby.

How many tools does one boy need. How about 2 saws, 3 screwdrivers, 1 hammer and some nuts and bolts.


Dangela said...

So sorry! I hate pink eye--I only had it once growing up, but since having friends with little kids I have had it at least 3 times in the last few years. It stinks!! Hopfully you have had your run in for a while.

Tory and Elizabeth said...

Seriously, you are like super mom. I get upset with the length of time it takes my two to go through any illness, you did it with three and one was a newborn.