Saturday, June 12, 2010

Memorial Day

Things have been pretty crazy (and stressful at times) around our house lately. The week after Bauer was born, Andrew started with a new work schedule that takes him away from home two different nights during the week. For those four days that he is gone, it has been quite a challenge for us with somedays being better than others.

So, for Memorial Day Andrew and I decided that we wanted to do something fun so we decided to go the the Zoo. We checked the weather and they forecasted rain but not until the afternoon, so we packed a lunch and headed downtown. During the drive, it started raining pretty good so Andrew and I had to hurry and think of a different plan so that the boys wouldn't be too dissapointed when we had to tell them we weren't going to be able to go to the Zoo. We decided to go to the Discovery Center. We had never been there, but I have heard lots of good things about it. We had a really fun time and ended up getting a year pass.
Keagan's favorites were a big bubble thing, you pull a rope and it raises a rod out of bubble solution and it makes a big bubble (I think he liked that fact that it used a pulley) and then the grocery store complete with shopping lists (which he made sure to use).
Deker's favorites was this big bucket that had some hoses that water came out of that you could bend and also spin around. He also had a lot of fun in the grocery store.


Dangela said...

Isn't the Discovery Center great? It's fun even for big kids!

Tory and Elizabeth said...

Next time, take me!