Monday, June 21, 2010

Are we There Yet?

Every year, the guys on my side of the family get together for a guys weekend. They camp and have a fishing tournament. This year, they are coming up to the Boise area. Andrew is going to be taking them up to Red Fish Lake and so we decided to go scout out the area to find a camping spot for them.

We wanted this trip to be nice and relaxing and so we took our time driving up. On Monday morning, we had breakfast and then headed up towards Stanley. We stopped in a little town called Idaho City, which is about 45 minutes outside of Boise so that I could feed Bauer. The boys had fun playing on old mining equipment, looking at the water, going over the bridges & playing on the stage.
After Bauer was all fed, we got back in the van and drove for another hour or so, then we found a nice bumpy (Keagan was very excited about it being bumpy) dirt road that had lots of trees and was by the river. We got out our picnic lunch and had lunch. Make sure you notice Keagan lounging.
After eating, the boys went over to the water and had fun throwing rocks in the water.
Then we set up a camping chair for me under a tree by the water so I could feed Bauer again before finishing our drive. While I feed Bauer, the boys went for a walk and found sticks (which Keagan enjoyed fighting tree stumps with).
About an hour later, we arrived in Stanley. We checked into our hotel and relaxed for a little bit. Then we went walking around the little city looking in gift shops and having fun. After dinner, we drove over to Red Fish Lake to scout out camping spots.
The next morning, we drove over to Red Fish and the boys got busy fishing.
They also had fun fishing off the dock.
Just before lunch time, some really dark clouds started rolling in, so we packed up our fishing gear, had lunch and drove home.
We all had a great time (except for Keagan's latest saying which was "Are we there yet"?) and enjoyed spending those two days together.


Caprene said...

man, Keagan sure IS a fabulous lounger. That's funny because I noticed him striking a pose before I read your comments. Funny what we notice in photos. =)

Alma Smith said...

Andrew must be getting scared of the competition if he is already scouting it out! There is no reason to be scared, you just need to accept the beating that is coming!

Tory and Elizabeth said...

That is awesome! I am super impressed with your adventuresome nature, traveling with a nursing baby, WOW! Love all of the pictures. I am sure Ryker would have loved all the fishing, throwing rocks, and sticking hitting tree activities.

Em and Tom said...

Looks like you had a great trip! I love that you took it so slow. I can't do it like that when we go to Canada, cause it's 12 hrs. So i've been preping the kids to be really good when we travel and tonight in his prayers Jay asked that all the kids be really nice on our trip. It was sweet, but I expect a lot of "are we there yets" from them too.

easterngrl said...

I think you should have Andrew talk to Brent about pulling over the car so you can feed the baby. He seems to think I should be willing to climb into the back of the van and feed them while he continues to drive. It continues to be a heated conversation between us.

Great shots looks like a nice time!

Nikki said...

So fun! I found your blog! I love love love the pictures of your boys mowing the lawn with Andrew. How adorable. See you tomorrow!

The Haley Family said...

I agree Alma, Andrew is so afaird of the fishing tournament that he will lose that he just had to "scout out the area". HE will lose to the Haleys like he has every year.

Dangela said...

What fun--Dan and I want to go camping so bad this summer. We haven't been in a couple years. It looks like a great time!