Monday, May 25, 2009

Whirlwind Monday Morning

We are trying to get everything ready to go on a week long vacation and with Andrew working in the afternoon/evening, we have to cram a lot into the mornings. This morning we decided to wash the van and cut Keagan and Andrew's hair.

We started with washing the van. While Andrew was using his preasure washer to to get the van all wet, Keagan ran into the garage, got out his little car and told daddy that his car needed to be washed too. I thought it was pretty funny to see Andrew washing the little car, so I decided to get the camera out.

After we finished washing the van, I cut Keagan's hair. This was the first time that I have cut it. Before that, my Mom did it a couple times and one time I took him somewhere to get it done. It actually went really well. It is always fun to look down at the floor after his hair is cut, because there is lots of hair all in little circles.

The hair on the floor

My boys and their new haircuts (except Deker didn't get his hair cut)


Erin said...

Look at that curly hair! It is very cute that Keegan wanted to be like his dad and wash the car. Just keep reminding him of that for when he's old enough to really wash the car!

Picanco Family said...

What spiffy looking guys! Poor Keagan with all those owies! Hope you have fun on your vacation!

Dangela said...

Andrew is such a good day--we love watching him with the boys!