Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keagan's latest sayings

Keagan has been coming up with some funny sayings lately. I want to write them down and what better place than to do it on my blog, so here it goes:

#1 - Keagan likes to play with his bear and his bunny and treat them like his baby. Sometimes he will have us swaddle them up, then there are times when I will go to put Deker in his crib, bouncy seat or swing and Keagan bear or bunny will be in there. Well, one day last week Keagan had me swaddle his bunny, then next thing I know, he was walking back and forth Shh-ing his bunny, which is something we do with Deker sometimes. I wanted to get a video of it, but as soon as the camera came out, he would pause and say "cheese". So, here is a picture of him and his bunny.

#2 - "Funnysault" aka somersault! A few weeks ago, Keagan and I were upstairs playing and he learned how to do a somersault. He is so proud of himself and it is fun to hear him say "funnysault and watch him bend over and try to propel his feet over his head.

#3 - "I'm Busy", I am now afraid and feel bad that I have said this to Keagan. A few weeks ago, Keagan and I had to run to the store. On the way home, I was trying to get Keagan to say a 4-5 work phrase. Well, I guess he decided he didn't want to do it and kept saying, "No, I busy".

#4 - "I Play Quick". This is usually said when we ask him to clean up his toys to go take a nap.

#5 - "Almost to job/work". This past week Keagan was riding around on his escalade and he comes over to me and said "Almost to work" and starts driving it towards the door, then he would come back and say it again.

#6 - Friday morning after I finished nursing Deker, Keagan came running over and insisted on burping Deker. Keagan climbed up on my lab, had me put Deker on his lap and then began patting his back. Keagan his such a good big brother to Deker. He really tries to take good care of him.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. It is quite amusing to me the things he comes up with to say.

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Erin said...

I love their little phrases. Lately Tyler has started to say "No, not!" when I ask him to do something. Sometimes it makes me laugh and other times I realize I need to say 'yes' to him more.