Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin/Skeleton Wreath

On Thursday morning, my friend Kristi came over with her two kids and we made pumpkin/skeleton wreath's (another idea from my Sister-in-law Matti). To make this you paint white washable paint on the foot and stamp it on the black paper over and over, then paint orange washable paint on the palm of the hand and stamp that on white paper over and over. After it dries, draw faces on the orange pumpkins, cut out and attach to poster board cut into a circle.

Kristi's oldest boy thought it was great, but the two 2-year-olds, did not want any part of the painting of the hand or feet. I had to force Keagan to paint it foot and hand, but after I got it painted and stamped on the paper the first time, he didn't mind it so much. Then he had fun cutting and gluing it. It was fun to do this Halloween project and to spend time with friends.

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Leis Family said...

So cute. We had so much fun thanks for having us over. The kids had so much fun. Thanks for always being such a good friend. Thanks for all your help with the cookies, they were so so good.
thanks again