Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Piano Recital

Piano had a Piano Recital on December 6.  He did a great job!  After he sat down after playing his two songs, he sadly said "Mom I messed up in a spot".  I told him it was OK and then told him that everyone messes up when the play.  I then told him every time I play the Organ or the piano for something I almost always mess up.  He seemed surprised, but I think it made him feel a little better. 

 This picture below is of course not at the recital, but a cute picture.  Whenever I am giving piano lessons or when the boys are practicing their piano, Zora loves to play.  Keagan will sometimes let her sit on the bench beside him while he plays.  During the recital, she managed to get away from me when Keagan was playing and walked up to the piano and tried to play with him.  I thought it was funny that she only did that when Keagan was playing, but not for anyone else. 

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