Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Miscellaneous Fun Pictures

One Saturday in October after one of Keagan and Deker's flag fooball games, we were out running a couple of errands and happened to see the Oscar Mayer hot dog truck pull into a park.  We of course went over there.  They gave each of the kids a Hot Dog wistle and let us see inside and take a picture.  It really was a right time/right place kind of moment because they only were there for a couple of minutes.
 On one of our walks to either walk the boys to the bus stop or going to meet them, Zora really wanted to ride a scooter so of course Andrew helped her.  She LOVED.
Our boy LOVE the movie Planes and so when the Planes Fire and Rescue movie came out we really wanted to take the boys to see it so we anxiously waited for it to come to the cheep theater, but when it got there we never had a day work out when we could watch it, so we bought it as soon as it came to video and took one evening to sit down and watch it.  They all brought their pillow beds down and Zora enjoyed laying on hers.  But that only lasted for a couple of minutes, just enough time for a cute picture.

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