Monday, June 30, 2014

My Parents Visit

 In April, my parents came for a visit while my Mom was on Spring Break (she teaches 3rd grade).  We had such a wonderful time with them. Last fall Keagan was given some hand-me-down clothes, in those clothes was a pair of pajamas that button up.  When he saw them, we was so excited because he now has pajamas just like Grandpa Smith has.  He was so excited for the next time we were going to see them so they could wear their matching pajamas.  They look pretty great!
Keagan and Deker had a day off of school while they were visiting so we went to the Zoo.  Here are some of my boys favorite spots at the Zoo. 

First up is this little hut in the African village at the zoo.  
 They even convinced Grandpa to get in the hut! 
My boys and I by the giraffes.

The old jeep is always a must see!
 That carseat is proof that Zora was there with us, she was just sleeping in her car seat.
Keagan going down the giraffe slide.
Zora and woken up and was ready for her turn on the slide.
Bauer's turn.
Feeding the goats.

In chase you haven't noticed, there hasn't been any pictures of Deker for the last little while.  When we went to the zoo, Deker was feeling just fine.  After being at the zoo for a while he came to me and told me he was really cold.  It was cool outside, but not that bad.  That is when I noticed he was feeling a little feverish.  By about halfway through the zoo, he wasn't feel good at all.  He went down the giraffe slide only once at the very end.  Then it got to the point that he sat down at every possible moment.  I felt so bad for him because I could tell that he was feeling very sick.
This was when the other two boys were feeding the goats.  It breaks my heart just looking at the picture again.

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