Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blessing Weekend

We blessed Zora on Sunday.  It all started with my brother, Alma and his family coming up on Friday.  We got lucky with Andrew having a light load, so he actually got into town a few hours earlier on Saturday then we were thinking.  We decided that we needed to go to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts followed by playing at the park.  When we first got there, we were all sad to see that they weren't currently making doughnuts, but while we were eating our doughnuts, they stated making doughnut holes.  It was fun to see them doing that and the kids loved watching those little balls be made, cooked, iced etc.  
Bauer being a goofball. 
Zora chilling with her cousin that was born 2 1/2 months before here. 
My parents got into town early Saturday afternoon.  We decided to have dinner at a Chinese Buffet restaurant followed by swimming in the pool at my parents hotel. 
When I found out I was having a girl I was thrilled to finally be able to have ruffles and bows and girly things.  So true to that, I had to have an extra ruffly blessing dress for her.  I found the idea for this dress and the rosette fabric and then my Mom sewed it up.  My neighbor, Jen, took some material from the dress to make the headband.  I am absolutely in love with how it all turned out. 
Our little family. 
I had the idea for this picture of the boys holding Zora laying in their arms that morning and I couldn't wait to try taking it.  The picture turned out exactly how I wanted.  We might have to try to recreate this picture on important dates as they all grow.  

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Dangela said...

That dress is absolutely beautiful!!! WOW!!! Love the last picture with the boys holding Zora--that would make a SUPER cute wedding picture on her wedding day!