Friday, November 9, 2012

Keagan's Flag Football

Keagan is finally getting into the stage where he want's to play sports, which makes me happy, but also just a little nervous.  When I found out about a little low-key flag football league, we immediately signed up Keagan.  This Flag football league is a 4 week, one hour on Saturday only thing which I thought would be perfect to Keagan to try out to see if he likes it.  Last Saturday was his second game and he really seems to be enjoying it.  Here are some pictures of his latest game.  He is the boy with the yellow jackets and jersey and gray sweats. 

So it is easier, he has his hands on the ball in this picture.

I noticed Keagan lining up like this which I hadn't seen him do this particular stance yet.  Then I looked at the boy across from him and he has the same exact stance as well.

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Dangela said...

Way to go, Keagan! Looks like tons of fun.