Friday, November 9, 2012

Build A Bear

Ever since the very first time I saw Build-A-Bear, I had always wanted to take my kids (at that point someday kids) to Build-A-Bear and let them pick out their own bears, but the start had never aligned up until yesterday.  When Andrew and I were talking about Keagan's track break we decided that we were try to do some really fun things on the days that Andrew was home, almost like a staycation.  Yesterday (Thursday) we decided to take them for their first (and probably only) Build-A-Bear visit. 

The boys each picked out the stuffed animal of their choice (with a little help from Andrew and I to make sure they all didn't get the same thing).  Then they got to help stuff the animal.  After the stuffing was in, they each picked out a little heart, make a wish on it and then put it in the bear before the worker closes it up. 

After that, they go over to this washing/drying/brushing station where they had a ton of fun brushing their animals. 
Next was picking out clothes.  This was the part that I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but when I saw the plain white shirts that were a lot cheaper than a whole outfit, I though why not have each boy get a shirt and a pair of shorts and then we will use my Silhouette to personalize them with a design of their choice on the front and the bear's name on the back.  They loved it!  So...without further ado, I now introduce you to the newest members of our house. 

First up is Keagan's bear Midnight.  After we got home, Keagan chose a football for the front in the color Orange because I told him no to black. 
Next up in Deker's dog Spot (you can't really see, but there are spots on this dog).  Deker choose a trackhoe in dark blue for the front of his dog's shirt.
Last, but not least is Bauer's dog Cocoa.  He choose a train in the light blue to go on the front of his dog's shirt. 
Here are the boys having their animals play together after getting dressed. 
All ready to go home in their houses.
The boys LOVED doing this and have truly loved their animals.  They have already been sleeping companions, comforters and playthings. 

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Dangela said...

Soo cute! I can't wait to do that, too.