Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Activities

We have been trying to get all our Halloween activities.  With being gone for the first two weekend in October, we don't have a lot of time left before Halloween. 

On Sunday night we carved our Pumpkins.  The boys had fun designing their pumpkin faces, carving them and playing with the pieces that were cut out. 
 Our finished products.
On Monday we made homemade rootbeer.  This was our very first time making it and I think we are hooked.  All three boys had fun stirring the stuff together.  But as soon as we added the dry ice Deker and Bauer got really scared (Keagan loved it through).  Here is the pictures to prove it. 
But after 5 minutes of coaxing them, talking to them and then finally making them put their had up to the smoke, they finally came around and decided it was a lot of fun and LOVED playing with it. 
On Saturday night we made Halloween shirts for each boy. 
Keagan choose lots of bats which was made easy by using my silhouette to cut out freezer paper and then Keagan painted it. 
Bauer (with my convincing because I really liked it) chose this cute spider and web, the spider is his hand print.  
Deker choose this scull and cross bones.  Andrew used his great skills and drew this then Deker helped me sew it on.  
Now....what is next on our list. 

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Dangela said...

Super cute pumpkins and shirts--you never cease to amaze me, Brenda!