Saturday, April 14, 2012


My little brother, Neal, who just returned from his mission in February, moved in with us while he attends the Lineman's College in Boise. Bauer has quickly become very attached to Neal, he asked for him, almost always chooses to sit with him and runs up to him when he see's him.  It has been so fun to watch, especially since Bauer was born while Neal was on his mission.  Here are a few pictures of the two of them. 

Sitting on Neals leg while he is helping Andrew fix the sink. 
Sitting with Neal.
This was taken the on Sunday (Neal had gotten here on Saturday afternoon).  We got home from church and Bauer immediately ran up to Neal.  We took him to his to change his clothes, then as soon as he was dressed, he ran right back to Neal and I just couldn't resist taking this picture. 
One day last week when I went upstairs to get the boys up from their naps/rest time, Here is how I found Keagan.  Sleeping while sitting up.

On Thursday night, Neal and I took the boys to Keagan's T-ball practice.  I brought the boys' balls with us so they would have something to do and play with while we were there.  I thought that they would kick and throw the balls around.  Instead, they found stick and turned the balls into drums and made some music instead.  

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