Sunday, April 15, 2012

Keagan's First T-Ball Game

After our Soccer fiasco of two years ago with Keagan (he wouldn't play and would just cry every game, thank goodness it was only 6 weeks and just on Saturday) I have been wanting to find a sport that I thought Keagan would enjoy.  Andrew and I decided to try signing him up for T-Ball.  He has been having team and group practices for the past few weeks and yesterday was his very first game.  I was a little apprehensive of how he would do, but he did wonderful.  I was so proud of him for going out there and doing it.  He seemed to have fun and I think he will continue to enjoy his T-Ball season.  Here are a few pictures of him at his first game.

Just got to First Base.
Waiting on Second.
Running Home.
At Bat.
Keagan even got the chance to play Catcher on their second inning.  He (and all those little kids) look way too cute all dressed in the catcher gear.


Vera said...

Great job, Keagan! I hope you have a great T-Ball season!

Dangela said...

Way to go, Keagan! You look great!