Friday, December 2, 2011

Lost Pictures

It has been almost a month since I last blogged.  I haven't even taken pictures of my camera since November 5.  Today I sat down to get all pictures off the camera and maybe even blog about some of the happenings of our household the past month.  When I went to take the pictures off, I realized that one of my boys (I think Bauer) got ahold of the camera and DELETED all the pictures! 

So, now you don't get to see pictures of when Andrew's parents and his sister and family came and visited for a weekend.  Or when we went to the Discovery Center as a family.  Or of the fun Thanksgiving we had.  Or when Deker, Bauer and I got to go take a little tour of Great Harvest for Deker's preschool group.  Or a picture of Bauer and I laying on my bed reading books. 

Oh well.  At least there wasn't a HUGE event that we had happen and now don't have pictures of it.  I can just hope that I get better at taking pictures off the camera and have learned that kids and camera's do NOT go well together.

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Dangela said...

Oh not! I'm so sorry. I'd be sick--even the "little event" pictures are special.