Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Highlights

I have been a seriously bad blogger.  There were lots of little things that I wanted to put on my blog, but nothing big that drove me to it.  So I am finally just adding the highlights of things we have done so far.
Andrew's sister, Anna and her husband Chris were in town at the end of november for a visit.  We enjoyed having them visit with us for an afternoon/evening.  We even decorated gingerbread houses.
Bauer LOVES to put on Daddy's boots (or any of daddy's  or mommy's shoes for that matter).
When I was preganant with Bauer and Andrew was gone on Wednesday nights every week, I started doing Picnic in the living room/movie nights most Wednesday nights (Here is a post I did about it then).  We would eat dinner in the living room while watching a movie.  About the time that Bauer was born Andrew started being gone two nights a week and with having a new baby, we didn't do that anymore.  With the colder weather, we have since started doing this once in a while.  Here are the boys enjoying dinner and watching their movie. 
Just like his two older brothers, Bauer LOVES tractors and LOVES any book that has any sort of tractor/truck/dump truck in them.  Here is Bauer and I laying on my bed reading a car/truck book.  In fact, Bauer loves tractors so much that one night a couple of weeks ago, Andrew and I went on a double date with some friends of ours.  After being gone for about 45 minutes, the babysitter called and said that Bauer had been crying almost the whole time and he wouldn't calm down.  I told them to get his blanket and find one of our many tractor books and try to read him a book and to call me back if he didn't calm down.  We called 15 minutes later just to make sure that everything was OK and he was just fine.  He calmed down really quickly with the books. 
We went to the mall one evening just to walk around and let the kids play.  The line for Santa was really, really short so we let the kids sit on Santa's lap and talk to him.  Of course, Bauer wasn't a fan.  This year Keagan and Deker are asking for tractors, tools and a workbench.
We made snowman ornaments of the boy's handprints.  I found this idea here. True to their favorite colors, Keagan choose blue, Deker choose yellow and we choose green for Bauer.  I am excited to see what Bauer's favorite color is going to be.
All three boys attempting to take off Daddy's work boots.
Last weekend, we bundled up and went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens for their Winter Garden Aglow.  It is so pretty all light up. 
I made Christmas ties for the boys.  Here they are last Sunday all dressed and ready for Church.  I might be a little biased, but I think I have three of the most handsome boys!

Here are the boys doing their "exercises".  Keagan was showing us something and Deker and Bauer just had to join in.
In other news...We are so excited for Christmas to get here.  We have been counting down with our countdowns.  The first thing Keagan and Deker do every morning is check the countdowns.  They are also are almost loving our Elf on the Shelf that came to us this year.  The boys named him Zippy.  The boys like seeing where he is every morning, but I am not sure that they totally believe it all.  On the second morning, Keagan told me that he doesn't think he is real because "his eyes don't blink".  On another morning, we was sitting holding a biscut.  When I said that he must have been hungry, Keagan said "No, because he didn't take a bite".  So, when we were all gone picking Keagan up from school the elf took a few bites and that satisfied Keagan for the day.  Because of all that and a few other things Keagan has mentioned, we will see if Zippy comes back next year or not. 


ang said...

I love the picture of you reading with your baby :)

Dangela said...

As usual, you guys are up to tons of fun. Can we come live at your house? (And, I don't think you're biased--you do have three of the cutest boys around!).

Karla said...

Such smart boys

David and Leah said...

I have to agree--they are some of the handsomest little guys--especially all spiffy for church in their matching smatching ties their awesome Mama made them! :)