Saturday, February 20, 2010


Time sure does fly by. There have been a couple of things I have wanted to post about, but have never gotten around to getting it done. I will try to keep this as short as possible.

Wednesday Night Fun
On Wednesday morning, Andrew gets up really early in the morning (around 3:00-ish) and drives over to Eastern Idaho. He stays the night there on Wednesday night and then Thursday morning he finishes his last few deliveries and then drives home and gets home Thursday afternoon/early evening.

Because of this, Wednesday nights are kind of lonely for the boys and I. About a month ago, my wonderful Visiting Teachers gave me some good ideas to make the night fun and easier of all of us. So, Wednesday nights have become our picnic dinner while we watch a movie night. We always have a way easy dinner (grilled cheese, omelets, "hot dog & noodles", etc). We spread an old blanket on the ground and watch a movie while eating dinner. Then after we talk to daddy on the phone, we usually have a yummy treat. We have all been enjoying our new tradition. Here is a picture I took a few weeks ago.
Valentine's Day
We had a nice low-key Valentines Day. The boys woke up to this fun table. In their bags was a couple little treats, a cup w/a straw and a little plastic watch (Keagan had been talking about wanting a watch for quite a while). We had strawberry milk, OJ, and bread with egg in the middle (I'm sorry, but I don't really know what it is called) except the hole was cut into the shape of a heart.

For Dinner we had mini meatloafs shaped into hearts, potatoes, etc. Andrew surprised me by taking some flowers that he had gotten me a few weeks ago, saved and dried them and spread them on the tablecloth. I looked really pretty and nice, I just wish I would have remembered to take a picture.


Dangela said...

You always do such fun things for the boys. I love the picture of the boys--it looks like they are thoroughly enjoying their picnic.

The Strong Family said...

You are seriously such an awesome mom brenda, you are always doing fun things for those boys. They are so lucky to have you a a mom.