Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Baby Shower

This past Saturday (April 10), my good friends Angela and Elizabeth threw me a surprise baby shower. It was so much fun. Earlier in the week, when Andrew was out of town for work, he told me that he was was working on something for me for Saturday and was verifying that I hadn't made a hair appointment for that day. A few days later, I asked him if he was going to tell me what it was or if it was a surprise. He told me it was a surprise, so on Friday evening I had to ask if I need to get up early and get ready or if I would have time after breakfast and what I should wear. He told me that we were all going to go out for breakfast and then we would come home and it would happen around 11:00.

I had no idea what was going on, because when it was time to go, we still had the boys with us and he was blindfolding me. After driving around to make sure I got lost, we got out of the Van and he walked me into a building (turned out to be our church) and when he took my blindfold off, there were a bunch of my friends there saying surprise.

Everyone had gotten there earlier and tied the most adorable quilt that Elizabeth and her mom made me, after I got there, we had a yummy lunch, played some fun games and then opened presents. Everybody gave me such wonderful gifts and I felt so loved. Angela and Dan had stopped by our house Friday evening while we were out and got all the baby bedding that I had made and decorated the room with it.

Elizabeth took lots of pictures for me and I will post them when I get them from here.

I am so grateful to have such good friends that would go through all that trouble for me and for good friends that took time out of their day to come and support me. Thank you all very much!!


Erin said...

That is awesome! I do love a good surprise. I miss those friends.

Dangela said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Elizabeth and I had a lot of fun planning it. We love you to death!