Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We had a very fun and relaxing Easter weekend. Especially since we were also able to watch General Conference. We started out by going to an Easter Egg hunt out in Kuna. The wind was really cold and that is why the boys don't look the happiest in the first picture. But once the egg hunt started, they had a great time.
After the Easter Egg hunt, we came home and listened to the second half of the first session. After lunch that day, we dyed our eggs. As you can see from the picture below, we all had a great time doing that. Deker really enjoyed drawing on the egg and dropping it in the cups of egg dye.
While the boys were naping, Andrew and I listened to Conference while we put a quilt for Deker and his new big boy bed on the quilting frames and then that night, after the boys were in bed, we stayed up and got it all quilted. (Pictures of the boys room coming soon).
After naps, we took down the crib that Deker was in and brought in a twin size bed for him. We absolutley loves having a bed like Keagans. We have a bed rail up and he has only fallen out from the end of his bed twice in the almost two weeks since he has had it.
That night while we were all sleeping, the Easter Bunny came. She left the boys matching church outfits (she also left one for our little boy that is soon to come). She left Andrew a tie to match the boys and a skirt for me that matched the boy's ties. Now I can't wait for our new little guy to arrive so we can take family pictures in our matching outfits. The boys also received a lawn mower & guitar to share and some other yummy treats.
Since it was General Conference, we didn't attend church on Sunday, but instead stayed home to watch it. So the next Sunday, we all wore our matching outfits to church. Since our church started at 8:20 in the morning, we didn't get a picture of all of us in our outfits and then Andrew had a meeting after church, so I was only able to get a picture of the boys, but I can promise you that I thought all three of my boys looked very Handsome in their new church clothes.

I was reading on a friends blog, that they ask the Easter Bunny to come on Saturday and they call that day the Easter Bunny Day and that way on Sunday they can concentrated on the real purpose of Easter and the resurection of our Savior. I think we might have to do that from now on because I love that idea.

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Dangela said...

What a fun Easter. I love the matching outfits you all had--you looked mights sharp last Sunday!