Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camping...Is it too dangerous for Mom?

We will find out this weekend.

Keagan has been camping and fishing quite a few times with Andrew in the past couple of years. They have gone to a couple of different guys weekends and to a father's & Sons campout, but we have never been camping together as a family. We are trying to remedy that by going on our first camping trip as a family (also my second camping experience in about 12 years).

Andrew and Keagan went on their first camping trip this year to the Fathers & Sons campout at the end of June. A few weeks later Andrew and I asked Keagan if we should all go on a camping trip together and he looked at us and said, "No, mom, it's too dangerous for you". Now, everytime we talk to him about going camping he tells us that it is too dangerous for me and Deker and that we can't go.

So...Despite Keagan's warning, we are going to attempt our first family camping trip this weekend. Hopefully we will come home safe and happy and Keagan will realize that it isn't too dangerous for me.


Caprene said...

Yeah for Brenda. I can't wait to see photos.

Erin said...

The only 'dangerous' part is the lack of sleep from toddlers wanting to play all night! I hope you guys have a great time.

Veronica said...

I just went to girls camp and then camping as a family! Yahoo!

Tory and Elizabeth said...

It is only dangerous if you go camping wolves, bad bad memories on my part. Good luck!