Friday, July 17, 2009

I love Couponing!!!!!

As most of you might know, I started couponing a few months ago and I am still love it. It is so exciting to me to plan out my couponing adventures, go to the store and get a lot of stuff for really cheap (sometimes free). Back in may, I did a post about a coupon trip that I did and have tried really hard to refrain from doing it again, but I can't help myself. This was too good of a couponing trip not to take a picture and post about.
On this trip, I went to a couple different Albertsons so that I wouldn't buy clear one stores shelves of Salad Dressing. Here is what is in the picture:
20 bottles of Kraft Salad Dressing (we cook with Salad dressing a lot)
6 containers of yogurt
6 boxes of hot/lean pockets
4 bottles of Ragu
1 bottle BBQ Sauce
1 box of Crystal Light
2 bottles of Spray N Wash
2 Nature Valley Nut Clusters
All of this should have cost me $108, but I bought it all for $18.43!!!!! What was even more exciting to me was that the 20 bottles of Salad Dressing cost me $3.10 and I know have quite the stockpile of Salad Dressing. As Andrew could attest, I could not contain my excitement when I got home.


Erin said...

I need to get into that. I use coupons at the store, but I don't do couponing like that. Well done!

David and Leah said...

Woohoo! Amen to that, sista--couponing is the best!!! Did you get in on the ice cream this week? I went a couple nights ago and they were all out--I'm hoping to get some tomorrow...

Dangela said...

You are amazing! I am planning on starting my couponing when we get back from Spain. Dan can't wait for the saved money to start adding up. Thanks for doing the party--you did a great job teaching!