Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our First Family Campout

Per my previous post, we went on our very first family campout this past weekend. We left right after breakfast Friday morning and got back Saturday afternoon. We wanted to do a short one our first time so we could see how me and the kids did. We all had a great time. The kids had fun playing in the dirt or anything else that Daddy was using and I had fun watching them and relaxing. I was very grateful for the little cart that Deker has to push around. It kept him from crawling around in the dirt too much. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Deker and his "cart".
Andrew forgot the hammer so he was using a rock to pound the stakes into the ground for the tent. Keagan thought he needed to do that also and of course, Deker thought he needed to help as well.

While Deker was trying to take an afternoon nap, Keagan found me sitting in a camp chair with my feet up on an ice chest, so he decided he needed to do the same. He pulled his chair and the other ice chest over and sat down beside me.
Deker playing with the firewood
Of course little boys think that hammocks are to swing on.
We packed up camp after breakfast on Saturday morning so that we could stop and do some fishing on our way home. When we got there, Andrew got his fishing pole in the water and I was watching/holding it while Andrew was getting Keagan's fishing pole ready. Andrew looked over and said "You've got a fish!" Because it was my first time fishing I said "Really? What do I do now?". We caught about 4 - 5 fish, but they were all pretty small and so we let them all go. But here is a picture of me and my first fish and then pictures of Keagan and Andrew fishing.


CORMELS said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I am glad you survived the danger!

Tory and Elizabeth said...

So I am assuming it wasn't too dangerous for you. Hahahah.

Malma said...

Yay brenda...you survived!!! Are you already planning the next trip? :) Looks like fun!

Caprene said...

So smart to make the first trip a short trip. I'm so proud of you Brenda! You went camping!!!!

Christopher said...

Look at the size of that whomper!!! Congratulations Brenda. I think it is bigger than my first fish. Love you, and I am so happy that you enjoyed your trip. Maybe we can all go together before summer is over.

Dangela said...

We are glad you lived to tell about your "dangerous" camping trip. Can you teach me (Dan) your technique to catch fish. I definately need instruction.