Friday, April 18, 2008

Keagan's Room

Last weekend, we got Keagan switched over to a twin bed. On Friday night, Andrew and Keagan got his new bed and dresser up in his room. Keagan was VERY excited about his new bed. As soon as we got the bed put up, Keagan kept climbing up on it and saying "night night". He was very excited to go to sleep in his new bed....That is until the next day. We put a bed rail up that we thought would keep him from falling off, but we were wrong. He fell off the foot of his bed not once, but twice that night. Once around 9:30 pm and then again around 2:30 am. Needless to say, his nap the next day and going to bed that second night was very difficult for him. I think because he was afraid of falling off again. The good news is that he has gotten used to it and hasn't fallen off since that first night (thank goodness!). Here is a picture of Keagan laying in his bed with his blankets asking to go to bed. We hadn't even got his jammies on or anything!

The past few weeks, Andrew and I have been spending time in the evenings making Keagan a quilt and curtains for his room. We had bought the pictures that are on the walls last year and decided to use those colors for the quilt. We finally got the curtains up tonight, so here are some pictures of Keagan's room.

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