Sunday, April 6, 2008

Keagan has been tagged

Thanks to Naomi (aka Ranell), Keagan was tagged. We need to say eight things about Keagan and then at the end, Keagan will tag another child, so here it goes...

1. Keagan was born on May 5, 2006. He came as quite the surprise because he wasn't due until June 13. Because he was born so early, he spent 10 days in the NICU.

2. Keagan has quite the curly head of hair. Almost everytime we are out in public, he will get at least one person talking about how curly his hair is and a lot of people want to touch it. I don't really blame them because I like playing with it as well.

3. Keagan loves to flirt to get attention and then acts shy. Whenever we are out and about, he says "hi" to lots of people but then as soon as he gets their attention, he acts like he is shy.

4. Keagan's favorite foods are rice krispes, hot dogs and noodles. When I ask him what he wants for breakfast, he always says "krispes" which is Rice Krispes. Then when it is lunch time and I ask him what he wants for lunch he says noodles and hot dogs over and over. Thank goodness he is still able to be pleased by most anything.

5. Keagan has to have EVERYTHING exactly the same, time and time again. One day, Andrew turned some cartoons on for Keagan. He kept getting really close to the TV and so Andrew put a pillow on the floor and told Keagan to sit on it. So, now everytime I let him watch cartoons, he has to get the pillow, his blanket and his bunny, sit on his pillow with is bunny beside him and the blanket over his lap. He is like this with EVERYTHING he does.

6. Keagan loves to "help". At this age, it isn't much of a help, but he trys anyway and I try my best to let him because I don't want to discourage him from helping. For instance, whenever we get the broom out to sweep, he will take all of the kitchen chairs and his high chair and line them up so they are out of the dinning room/kitchen. Then, when we are done, he will put them all back.

7. Keagan looooves to read. The first thing Keagan does in the morning is get a book out and want you to read it to him. Over the course of a day, we usually end up reading some books at least 3 or 4 times.

8. Keagan loves to be tickled. Once you start, he will come back and say tickle and want you to tickle him again and again. There has been quite a few times when he is sitting on my lap and I will tickle his side a couple of times and then I will stop, then he puts my hand back on his side and says tickle. He will do this over and over.

Keagan now tags Brenna & Braelyn, have fun Marie.


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What a little darling!

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